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About the artcafé26

Founder and owner
Sibila Dengs

Sibilla Dengs founded the artcafé26 in March 2006. After growing up and living for many years in Europe, she left behind a thriving floral business. When she moved to Williamsburg, she missed the European cafés. At this point in time the idea for a artcafé26 in Williamsburg was born. Over many years Sibilla worked on her ideas and developed the artcafé26 concept. Graduating from William and Mary and SOAS (London, GB) with art history degrees helped her form the art part of the café. Due to her Masters degree being in southeast Asian art, she encountered feng shui. This theory of living was integrated into her concept of the café and can also be seen. E.g. the circle of light is there to center the energy in the middle of the café.

The design of the café was done in cooperation with Sibilla and Messerli of Switzerland.


The artcafé26 concept was developed to bring art not only to art aficionados but also to people who might otherwise be hesitant towards it. The café wants to bring them closer to art work and possibly spark the collector in them. It wants to open up new worlds and ways of thinking. Every visitor should feel a warm welcome and enjoy a calm and stress free stay.



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